Research papers and review/opinion papers

Bazihizina N et al. (2019) Friend or Foe? Chloride Patterning in Halophytes. Trends in Plant Science 24,

142-151. Here is the link


Böhm J et al. (2018) Understanding the Molecular Basis of Salt Sequestration in Epidermal Bladder Cells of Chenopodium quinoaCurrent Biology 28, 3075-3085. Here is the link

Ishikawa T et al. (2018) Xylem Ion Loading and Its Implications for Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance. 

Editor: Christophe Maurel, Advances in Botanical Research Volume 87, Pages 267-301, Academic Press. Here is the link


Kiani-Pouya A et al. (2017) Epidermal bladder cells confer salinity stress tolerance in the halophyte quinoa and Atriplex species. Plant Cell & Environment 40:1900-1915. Here is the link

Bazihizina N. et al. (2017) Hydraulic redistribution: limitations for plants in saline soils. Plant Cell & Environment 40:2437-2446. Here is the link

Few key papers on halophytes and agriculture in saline soils 

Shabala S et al. (2014) Salt bladders: do they matter? Trends in Plant Science 19, 687 - 691. Here is the link


Panta S (2014) Halophyte agriculture: Success stories. Environmental and Experimental Botany 107, 71-83. Here is the link


Shabala S (2013) Learning from halophytes: physiological basis and strategies to improve abiotic stress tolerance in crops. Annals of Botany 112,1209-1221. Here is the link


Flowers TJ & Colmer TD (2008) Salinity tolerance in halophytes. New Phytologist 179, 945–963. Here is the link

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